Lost - "RNF - Retro Fish"

Surfboard Review - by Noel Salas

CI - "Neck Beard 2"

Surfboard Review - by Noel Salas

CI Neck Beard 2 with Britt Merrick

Surfboard Review - by Noel Salas


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Soloshot 3 65X Optic - Review by Noel Salas

In this episode I review the Soloshot 3 65X Optic. After 7 months of testing and collaborating with three of my friends who also use the Soloshot 3 on a regular basis this review is done.

This robotic camera is pretty sophisticated and when you dial in the tracking system, and settings you like the video clips are solid.

We captured some great waves for this review using the Soloshot 3 but not without some challenges along the way. I interview each surfer and they share their good and not so good experiences.

All four of us came to one conclusion that the Soloshot 3 is a great training tool to better our surfing. This robotic camera is pretty advanced and ahead of it's time... with that being said there could be some struggles along the way.

I spoke with the folks at Soloshot and they agreed to give us a designated Representative for our community.

Soloshot Customer Service Email:

Mike is a kite surfer himself and uses his Soloshot 3 for water footage like us on a regular basis. His knowledge on the Soloshot 3 and customer support was priceless for me. Thanks Mike for everything and taking care of our community!

If you are looking to purchase a Soloshot 3 click the link below and it will take you to the Soloshot website that's affiliated to our community.





Have you ever seen yourself surf on video before? Ever wonder if you’re riding the right board? How about your fins… do they even matter? Can a couple minor changes in your technique get you to the next level in your surfing? 

My brother Aarron and I would like to invite you to experience a VIP session with us. 
Come spend 2 hours getting the VIP treatment as we dial in your boards, fins, and surf technique.

Aarron will capture your waves on video, and I will be in the water with you working on surf technique and dissecting your surf equipment. After the session is over, I will take the captured video and break down technique and equipment adjustments as needed.   more

Join in the review - Get a Soloshot3!


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