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CI Surfboards "G-Skate" - Surfboard Review by Noel Salas

In this episode, Noel shares more about the CI "G-Skate." You won't want to miss the extra clips from Noel and former professional surfer Magnum Martinez. Find out what he likes about the G-Skate and what waves they put this surfboard in. Barrell surfing and rail surfing were not even a challenge when it came to pushing this board in overhead waves in Puerto Rico. Magnum calls this surfboard a "fun board that paddles well." Noel shares what makes a better groveler or daily driver -- the "G-Skate" or the "Bobby Quad?" Find out by watching the full episode.

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Noel's Height 5'9" & Weight 172 lb
Custom: XTR10 5'3" x 19 x 2 5/16 (26.08L)
Stock PU/Poly 5'4" x 19 x 2 3/8 (27.2L)

Magnum's Height 5'6" & Weight 125 lb
Custom PU/Poly: 5'1" x 18 1/2. x 2 1/4 (23.92L)

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Rusty "Deuce" Surfboard Review with Ian from Wooly TV

In this episode Ian from Wooly TV gets a custom Rusty PU/Poly "Deuce" and puts it through the paces in West Australia.

Noel mentions in this review that he wanted a third party unbiased review on the Deuce model he designed with Rusty, so he reached out to Ian from. Wooly TV. Ian has his on You Tube channel called Wooly TV where he regularly reviews surfboards from some of the largest surfboard brands.

Ian brings his A Game to shred the Deuce in chest high to overhead waves. Ian likes the performance of the Deuce on his forehand and backhand, and notices that he can push hard on his rails through turns. He also mentions that surfing backside on most twin fins can be difficult..... however on the Deuce he feels like he can push through his turns similar to a Thruster off the bottom and still have the release of a Twin Fin.

Ian says the Deuce offers excellent hold and drive through turns and it's very fast down the line. He liked the Deuce in 2-6'+ surf and mentions that it could easily replace a High Performance Short Board with its ability to perform in the pocket in waves that have push.

Ian surfed the EN Twin Fins by Future for the entire review. He said the EN Twin Fin template is a little bigger and they offered plenty of hold and drive. The last thing he mentions is the Deuce did not grovel well in small mushy waves but he loved it in waves with steeper sections or flatter waves that have push.

Ian's Height 6'1" (187cm) & Weight 195 lb (89kg)
Ian's Board DIMS: 6'1" x 20 x 2.48 (34L)

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