Video Coaching

Have you ever seen yourself surf on video before?
Ever wonder if you’re riding the right board?
How about your fins… do they even matter?
Can a couple minor changes in your technique get you to the next level in your surfing?  


Noel would like to invite you to experience a personal session with Surf ‘n Show at Waco Surf in Waco, Texas. Come spend 2 hours getting the VIP treatment as Noel dials in your boards, fins, and surf technique. The coaching does not include pool water time and fees. You must book your own water time with Waco Surf.

 Surf ‘n Show will capture your waves on video, and Noel will be there coaching on the sand. After your 1-hour surf session is over, your captured video will be edited, and Noel will break down your technique and equipment adjustments, as needed during the 2nd hour. 

If you are interested in Noel’s one-on-one feedback, consider our new Virtual Video-Coaching option.

Book an appointment and send your video clips (a few Waves or Surf/Skate Carving videos with a couple turns to analyze, etc). Noel will video coach your Surfing or Surf/Skate technique, giving you professional tips to bring your surfing to the next level.

 Total Cost: $600.00 USD

Personal Session Includes:

  • One 1-hour Video Surf Session
  • Surf Critique Video Coaching from Waves Captured in 1-Pool Session

  • Board and Fin Consulting

Surfer must be Beginner/Intermediate to Advanced skill level. 

Email for available dates & times:


Once date booked $300.00 USD deposit is required.

Total Cost: $400.00 USD

Virtual Video Coaching Includes:

  • Surf or Surf/Skate Critique Video Coaching to preview prior to your call
  • One 30-minute Skype video call with Noel to get your questions answered

  • Board and Fin Consulting
  • Custom Board Fitting (if ordering new boards)

Surfer must be Intermediate to
Advanced skill level.  

Email for available dates & times:

Once date booked $200.00 USD deposit is required.