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Sharpeye Surfboards

Sharpeye Surfboards - Storms Twin Turbo

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In this episode, Noel Salas reviews the new Sharpeye "Storms Twin Turbo." He begins talking with world-famous surfboard shaper Marcio Zouvi. Macio began designing this board for speed. It initially started as a twin fin, but he added the 3rd fin box, so you can add a thruster or stabilizer for more stability and drive. The outline offers a little more width in the nose area compared to the original prototype Noel rode a couple years ago. The new E3 EPS/Epoxy carbon layup offers more pop and projection in smaller waves. Noel rides the Twin Turbo with his Pivot Twin Plus Trailer (stabilizer), HP Twins, and his MS-N (Neutral) Thruster fins. The channel design adds a spicy feel, while the bottom contours stay the same. Mario rides his 5'8 Twin Turbo with the MR's and the Mick Fanning Twins. The wave range varies from a little over head high and below. Noel's friend Asa Cascavilla loved it as a twin fin and preferred it with the HP Twins. It rode great in the pool and in overhead surf -- A favorite for sure! Enjoy!!

Noel's Height 5'9" (175.26cm) Weight 170lbs (77.11kg)
Asa's Height 5'10" (177.80cm) Weight 165lbs (74.84kg)

Noel's Board Dims: Stock 5'5" x 19.25 x 2.38 (26.5L)