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Fire Wire

Firewire - "Machadocado"


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Noel's height 5'9" and weight 172 lb Board Dims: 5'2" x 19 13/16 x 2 1/4 (25.9L)

In this episode, Noel Salas reviews Rob Machado's new surfboard called the "Machadocado" by Firewire Surfboards. Is it similar to the "Seaside?" Yes. However it has a squash tail, a little more surface area, and it rides as a twin plus trailer. Noel rode it at Waco Surf with his Twin plus Trailer fin set up in three sessions.

In session 1, Noel found that it carves well and has a lot of down-the-line speed with Rob's signature Twin + Trailer fin set up.

In session 2, he switches the fins and uses a smaller stabilizer. With the Pivot Twins in Prepreg Carbon, the board feels playful, you can push it hard through turns, and it fells a little more high performance compared to the "Seaside."

Finally, in session 3, Noel continued with his Pivot Twins +. Trailer in Prepreg Carbon and really started to gel with the board. Overall, the "Machadacado" pivoted faster, carried similar speed down the line and drew sharper turns compared to the "Seaside." It's a good paddler with lower rocker, which promotes a lot of down the line speed. For all the details, watch the full episode. Enjoy! 

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