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Sharpeye Surfboards

Sharpeye Surfboards - HT2 (Construction)

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In this episode I review a custom HT2 in (Holy Toledo 2) E2 Technology by Sharpeye Surfboards. The HT2 is the same model that Filipe Toledo won the 2017 Hurley Pro at Trestles with slight differences according to Marcio Zouvi. With Filipe’s win at the Hurley event I was pretty excited to give this board a go at Lower Trestles.. This board was designed as a daily driver for surf in the 3-6’ range. We were lucky enough to get some swell but the waves were a bit crossed up and difficult to surf. With that being said the HT2 had its work cut out for itself but to my surprise the board felt solid under foot and had speed to burn. My surprise was not about the board design but more or less if the E2 EPS construction could handle the size, texture, and crossed up swell direction surf we had to deal with. On video the waves look really fun and they were… the HT2 felt good and the E2 construction held the rail in the water and performed well also.