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Twin Fins "HP Keels"

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After a few years of reviewing multiple twin fin board designs and testing roughly 20 different twin fin sets, I formed an opinion on what felt good under foot. The (HP) Keels are a perfect balance of Hold, Drive, Pivot, and Release. What sparked the idea of this design was my desire to find a Keel fin that achieved all these attributes -- giving me the High-Performance flare I am looking for. The fins have a wide base for exceptional hold coupled with perfect rake for maximum drive through turns. The arced trailing edge of the fin makes them loose, and the slightly upright template offers quick pivot allowing you to get into the lip quickly. The narrow tip creates more release at the peak of your turns so you can be more radical on the wave face. 

For Surfers: (63.5 – 99.79 Kg / 140 - 220 lbs)

•  Excellent Hold
•  Maximum Drive
•. Quick Pivot
•. Narrow Tip (for release)
•. High Performance Flare

*fin images are prototype images, final products may be slightly different.

Twin Fin Specs:
Base: 152.4mm
Height: 134mm
Area: 23.62 sq in
Rake: 33.5 Degree
Foil: Flat


Naked Viking “APEX Series” fins are made with a high strength fiberglass called G10 which is made by compressing layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin. We machine foil each fin to insure the highest performance of any fin available, regardless of the materials used. These are stronger, thinner, lighter and sexier. most similar feel to glass on fins.



The manufacturer and seller assume no liability or responsibility for injury caused by this product to any person or property of buyer, user, or other person. Use at your own risk.