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Lost Surfboards

Lost Surfboards - RNF Retro Fish


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In this episode we have special guest Nate Yeomans join us to review the Lost RNF Retro Fish.

Nate and I enjoy good conversation around the attributes of the Retro Fish and our experiences riding this model in two different constructions with multiple fin set ups.

The Retro Fish is very versatile and goes GOOD in 1-4’ surf with multiple fin configurations. The PU construction gives it that classic retro fish vibe feeling solid on big carves and down the line speed.

Nate and I also talk about Lost’s new construction called C4 that has an EPS foam core with a thin layer of Cork covering the entire deck. This layer of cork acts as a dampener to reduce chatter, and strengthen the deck to extend the life of the board. The C4 construction has a livelier feel due to its EPS foam core. Nate and I both agree that it gives the Retro Fish a more performance feel compared to the PU adding a bit of flare or X Factor in every turn.

The Lost Retro Fish is a really fun board and I highly recommend it for surfers that range from beginners to the advanced levels.

Noel’s Height: 5’9”
Weight: 160 lbs or 72.57 kg
Stock Board DIMS: 5’2” x 19.75 x 2.32 Liters 27.25

Nate’s Height; 6’0
Weight: 180 lbs or 81.64 kg
Stock Board DIMS: 5’4” x 20.25 x 2.35 Liters 29.25