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Haydenshapes - Holy Hypto

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In this episode, Noel Salas reviews the Holy Hypto by Haydenshapes. It's a board combo between the Hypto Krypto and the Holy Grail. Shaper Hayden Cox gives us a little insight on what makes this board come alive. Like the Hypto Krypto, it carries speed and transitions well between sections. Its entry rocker is similar to the Holy Grail, which helps you get into tight sections in the pocket. The Holy Hypto has drive and hold when you surf it off the tail. Ian Wooly from Wooly TV calls the board "whippy" and thought it was super responsive and nice on rail in some powerful waves in Australia. Asa Cascavilla rides the Holy Hypto and refers to it "pivoting really well," calls it "stable," and says it felt really good under his feet. While North Floridian Eric Peterson says it was "fast and lively" and says it transitions well in those flat, mushy sections. Finally, Noel gives it a thumb's up for powerful top- to- bottom surfing with fast, sharp turns. Noel calls it the best high performance short board he's ridden in the pool to date. With the Surf n' Show Carbon Twin + Trailer, it goes mental! For you quad guys, the board has great drive, hold and surfs the pocket vertically too. Enjoy!

Noel's Height 5'9" (172 lbs)
Board Dims 5'6" x 19 5/16 x 2 5/16 (25.68) 

Asa's Height 5'10" (165 lbs)
Board Dims 5'6" x 19 5/16 x 2 5/16 (25.68)

Ian from Wooly TV
Height: 6'1" (187cm) Weight: 195 lbs )88 kg)
Board Dims: 6'1" x 20 1/4 x 2 9/16 (33.6L) 

Eric Petersen
Height: 5'8" Weight: 180 lbs
Board DIMS: 5'9" x 19 11/16 x 2 7/16 (29.2L)