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Slater Designs

Slater Designs - Sci-Fi 2.0

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In this episode I put the new Slater Designs “Sci-Fi 2.0” through the paces in 2-6’ Surf. My board testing started in 3-4’ surf that had some push and the Sci-Fi 2.0 did not disappoint.

The most notable changes for me in the Sci-Fi 2.0 from the Original Sci-Fi is the narrower tail with increased exit rocker, and 1” shorter in length. All three of these changes give the Sci-Fi 2.0 a high-performance upgrade in the pocket and extended the wave range to 3-8’ surf n a shorter package compared to the OG Sci-Fi.

A couple other changes to the Sci-Fi 2.0 that were not as noticeable to me is the wide point shoved forward, and increased depth of Tomo’s Quad Inside Single Concave for greater lift and responsiveness.

I found the Original Sci-Fi to be faster down the line in smaller mushy surf due to it having a wider tail with less rocker. If you loved the performance of your OG Sci-Fi, then you will be stoked on the upgrades with the 2.0.

These changes put the Sci-Fi 2.0 in the HPSB category, and I highly recommend it for intermediate – pro level surfers.    

After reviewing a stock 5’6” and 5’5” in this review I liked the 5’6” better due to 1” more rail line to increase drive through turns and the extra float did not hinder performance or agility in tight transitions. If you are stuck choosing between two stock sizes…. I suggest the bigger one. The changes made in the Sci-Fi 2.0 make it very responsive and user friendly and the extra foam is your friend on this model.

My Height: 5’9”
My Weight: 160 lb or 72.57 kg 

Stock DIMS Tested:
5’5” x 18 3/8 x 2 ¼ (24.9L)
5’6” x 18 5/8 x 2 5/16 (26L)

Recommended Fins:
Thruster: Naked Viking Surf “Peregrine” (Pivot Fins)
Quad: Large Peregrine Side fins / Pyzel Medium Quad Rears.