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Slater Designs

Slater Designs - Gamma

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In this episode I review the Slater Designs “Gamma” in a new technology by Firewire called Helium. I got my hands on two of them… one is 5’6” x 18 7/8 x 2 5/16 Liters 25.5 for more as a daily driver in the 3-6’ surf. The other one is a 5’10” x 18 ½ x 2 5/16 Liters 26.5 for a little bigger surf as a High Performance board in the 5-8’+ surf. Both boards felt great in the 3-6’ surf but since we only got waves in that wave range the 5’6” board looked the best in the footage but the 5’10” felt good too. We just never got the sizeable surf to test it’s range. The new Helium Technology by Firewire has great flex and durability and is second to nothing I have ever tested. After riding the 5’6” for roughly 4 weeks in small to overhead surf I took the wax off the board and to my surprise there was one little pressure dent that I could barely feel with my hand. Most of the time the decks are pretty well pushed in after 4 weeks of testing. With this being said the Flex and feel on the Helium Technology felt great and the durability is now setting the bar for the rest of the boards that I test. Overall the Gamma is an excellent High Performance board that I recommend for the Intermediate to Advanced surfer. The Helium Technology will help this board to perform with great flex longer then a PU board and feel fresh under your feet.