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Rusty - Heckler

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This video is about "The Heckler" by Rusty surfboards. Noel found out that The Heckler was a nominee for the Sima Surfboard awards in the Alternative category for 2017. He phoned up the folks at Rusty to see if he could get one to review.

They agreed to give him a demo board to review and the DIMS are 5'3" x 20.12 x 2.16 Volume 26.7. The board was tested in 2-4 surf and Salas said it was fast, and responsive.

A few key features of The Heckler are the flat deck, Venturi channel, wing in the tail, and the beak nose.

The flat deck allows for maximum foam to be carried out to the rails for great flotation. This is key for a small wave Groveler to maximize floatation down the line and paddle power.

Rusty has implemented a special channel that starts in the belly of the board in two half moon shapes. These two channels start wide begin to narrow 4-6 inches in front of the two side fins. This narrowing channel is supposed to create the Venturi effect. The theory is take the water coming through the bottom of the board and channel it to narrowest section to create a low pressure that will then create thrust as the channel begins to widen behind the fins, and through the tail. This is supposed to create speed, control, and flow from rail to rail. Salas mentioned that he felt all of these features happening while he was riding the Heckler and he could see why it was a nominee for Alternative surfboard of the year.

The wing in the tail make for a good pivot point as the tail narrows. Salas relates the outline of The Heckler to an ordinary fish type design but the wing, and Venturi concave make it a bit more high performance in the pocket.

The beak on the nose pack this little package full of foam to help with paddling.

Salas also said even though this board is super wide and has great flotation it still flows rail to rail smoothly because of the Venturi channels which create a lot of Vee out the tail.

Here is what the Rusty Website has to say about The Heckler:

New for 2016, the Heckler is a Fish with some new ideas. We've utilized a "fishy" outline with a shallow dovetail and pronounced wing to produce a lightening fast small wave wonder. The proven Venturi bottom design that has been so well received on two of our other models, the Rooster and the Hustler, adds a new dimension for fishing and Fish lovers.