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Lost Surfboards

Lost Surfboards - Uber Driver XL

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In this episode I put the Lost Uber Driver XL through the paces in 2-6’ surf. The testing began in the ocean with 2-6’ surf before we traveled for more board testing in the pool at BSR Surf Resort in Waco, TX.

The Uber Driver first came out in 2018 as a small wave performance board. Earlier this year for 2019 Matt made some revisions to the original Uber Driver to make it faster in small gutless surf. After making those revisions he added Uber Driver XL for what he calls the “Bro Dimensions.” The UD XL suits the bigger guy or average weekend warrior surfer that wants a little more foam under foot in a shorter, wider, thicker package that can still rip.

The UD XL is legit in my book…. it’s fast, forgiving, and it offers great flow through maneuvers. The extra foam in the XL dimensions is distributed very well and offered excellent performance in 2-6’ surf. You East coast guys that like shredding 1-2’ surf on boards with a HPSB outline will be stoked on the UD XL.

I am putting the UD XL in the Small Wave Performance Category as a Favorite of mine for 2019. I highly recommend it for surfers that want that HPSB outline to Grovel from the low end intermediate – advanced level surfers. For surfers that range from advanced – pro level I recommend the 2019 Uber Driver for a little more sensitivity and responsiveness out of their sled.

Custom Surfboard Dimensions:
Diamond CW: 5’5” x 19 x 2.3 Liters 25.7 (board weight with traction 4.75 lbs no fins)
PU/Poly: 5’5” x 19 x 2.3 Liters 25.7 (board weight with traction 5.50 lbs no fins)

Diamond Carbon Wrap weight with Beta 2.0 R8 side fins and R6 center fin = 5.15 lbs

My Height: 5’9”
My Weight:160 lbs or 72.57 kg