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Lost Surfboards

Lost Surfboards - Swordfish

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In this episode, I put the “Swordfish” through the paces with special guest Nate Yeomans!

The Swordfish is a Kolohe Andino model inspired from the Lost RNF Retro. After riding the Swordfish, I noticed some similarities from the RNF Retro -- most noticeably is down-the-line speed and excellent traction through big carves. A couple visible changes from the RNF Retro and the Swordfish are the extra length and pointed nose on the Swordfish. These two major changes enhance performance surfing as the added rail line in length enables you to drive through turns, and the narrow nose keeps the first third of the board free from bogging through turns at high speeds.

After thorough testing, I found the Swordfish to be very fast, loose, and extremely maneuverable with its sleek performance outline compared to most other fish-type boards I’ve tried.

I am calling the Swordfish a daily driver, and I highly recommend it for intermediate to pro-level surfers in 2-6’ surf. If you’re looking for a fish that’s fast with a performance vibe, then you’ll love the Swordfish.

Noel’s Boards:
Stock 5’4” x 18.63 x 2,25 (25L) PU/Poly
Stock 5’5” x 18.75 x 2.30 (26L) PU/ Poly

Noel’s Height: 5’9”
Noel’s Weight: 160 lb or 72.57 kg

Recommended Fins:
Thruster: Pivot Set (Naked Viking Peregrine Fins size Large)
Twin + Trailer: AMT (Al Merrick Twins) 

Nate’s Boards:
Stock 5’8” x 19.50 2.40 (29.5L) PU/Poly
Lib Tech Kolohe Exacta DIMS (Stock): 5’9” x 19.25 x 2.38 (29L)

Nate’s Height: 5’11”
Nate’s Weight: 175 lb or 79.3 kg