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Lost Surfboards

Lost Surfboards - Rad Ripper


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In this episode I put the Lost “Rad Ripper” through the paces in 1-5’ surf. Lost sent two stock 5’5” surfboards down for review. Both boards are the exact same dimensions with PU Foam and polyester resin. One board has green Mayhem logos with Futures fin boxes that I surfed only as a Thruster and the other board has blue Mayhem logos with FCSII fin boxes that I surfed only as a Quad.

The Rad Ripper is a great paddler and has great down the line speed due to its low rocker design. The outline has that 80’s retro vibe to it with a flat deck, beak nose, and wide tail. The somewhat aggressive tail rocker allows for good traction off the bottom for performance surfing in the pocket.

At times my struggles with the design was stepping past the sweet spot with my front foot being too far forward causing the board to bog in the nose area. Making subtle adjustments to my stance really helped get clean precise turns and increase drive.

After two weeks of testing in perfect point break surf I struggled to surf the Rad Ripper smoothly as a Thruster. Switching to a quad set up really increased flow from rail to rail and I started to gel with the Rad Ripper. The more I surfed it the better it felt and at the end of two weeks I was sorry for the review to be over.

I recommend the Rad Ripper as a one board quiver for intermediate to pro level surfers for 1-5’ surf. I liked this model best as a Quad and my fin suggestions are below.

Stock Board Dimensions:
5’5” x 18.75 x 2.27 Liters 26

Recommended Fins:
Futures Fins: JJF Side Fins with HS Quad Rears
FCSII: Performer Side fins with Reactor Quad Rears

My Height: 5’9”
My weight: 160 lb or 72.57 kg