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Lost Surfboards

Lost Surfboards - Hydra

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In this episode I put the Lost "Hydra" through the paces. I get two stock boards... one 5'0" at (25L), and the other board is 5'1" at (26L). Both boards go good at the point breaks, but I like the 5'0" best as it went better at the beach breaks as well. The Hydra is quick and nimble in tight little pockets and paddles great. I also like how fast it is in mushy waves…… yes, I surfed it in some mushy beach break. I liked the Hydra best as a Quad and after thorough testing with the S-Wing fins they went excellent too. This little board is very versatile, and you can run a bunch of different fin set ups. The Hydra is a true Groveler and it is a FAVORITE of mine for 2020. I highly recommend it for Beginner - Pro Level Surfers in 1-3' surf.

My Height: 5'9" & weight 160 lb or 72.57 kg

Fins Tested in this review: Quad Set Up: NVS Peregrine (Size L) Side Fins with Captain Fin Black Panthers (Size L) Side Fins Futures Pyzel (Medium and Large Quad Rears)

Thruster Set Up: Captain Fin Black Panthers (Size L)

S-Wing Fins: (Thruster) Green (Very Flexible) & Orange (Medium Flex)