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JS - Bullesye


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In this episode I put Occy’s new model called the “Bullseye” by JS Surfboards through the paces in 1-6’ surf.

The board testing started on a stock 5’5” x 18 7/8 x 2 ¼ PU/Poly (polyurethane foam / polyester resin) with 25.1 liters. The stock board dimensions fit me good, but the liters are on the low side of my range for a PU/Poly.

The PU/Poly felt good in 3-6’ surf but it struggled to go fast from the take off in 1-2’ surf with a Thruster set up. As the waves got smaller (chest high and below) I began testing different fin setups to give it the speed I expect from a small wave performance board.

After multiple days of board testing in 1-2’ surf I found that riding the Bullseye as Quad or Twin + Trailer offered the most speed and release in chest high and under surf.

After a week or so of testing the PU/Poly I asked JS for the same stock board in their Hyfi construction to get a little more speed and pop in smaller waves. The EPS Hyfi construction felt more alive under foot and it offered the projection I was hoping for in the smaller surf.

I highly recommend the Bullseye for intermediate – pro level surfers as a Daily Driver. This model performs best in 3-6’ surf. If you’re looking for the Bullseye to be your go-to board in 1-5’ surf, then I recommend it in the Hyfi construction as a Quad.

My Height - 5’9”
My Weight – 160 lb or 72.57 kg

Suggested Fins and fin Setup:
Futures – (Quads) Legacy P8 or HS1 Side fins with HS Quad Rears
FCSII – (Quad) Reactor (Large side fins) w/ Reactor Medium Quad Rears

Twin + Trailer:
AMT (Al Merrick Twin + Trailer)