JS - Blak Box 3
JS - Blak Box 3
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JS - Blak Box 3

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The JS Blak Box 3 is very easy to surf and I highly recommend it for upper end Beginner/ Intermediate / and Expert level surfers for 1-5' surf.

The BB3 checks all the boxes for a small wave performance board.

1. Good paddler
2. Quick get up and go speed
3. Projects with speed through maneuvers
4. Good drive off the bottom and big rail turns

I struggled a bit with it in 1-2’ surf due to the HYFI construction feeling a bit heavy under foot. Both boards carried good speed but I felt they lacked the pop or X Factor from turn to turn in 1-2’ surf that I normally get out of a light weight stringerless EPS board.

The weight factor is an easy fix… I would just custom order the BB3 in HYFI with a lighter glass job.

Overall the performance of the BB3 was solid and I had a great time surfing it in 3-5’ surf. I liked the HYFI construction in bigger surf due the extra weight. The board was easy to get on rail with its low/medium rail design and somewhat heavier stock glass job.

No noticeable chatter or vibration that I normally feel from other light weight EPS boards.

I also want to mention that I rode 2 stock 5’7” boards with the exact same dimensions but one was a Swallow Tail and the other a Squash Tail. You have to watch the review to find out which one I liked better.

Board DIMS:
5’7” x 19 ¼ x 2 ¼ Liters 26.1

Board Weight:
5.55 lbs

Weight for most stock Stringerless EPS boards reviewed:
4.7 lbs – 5.0 lbs

My height 5’9”
My Weight: 160 lbs or 72.57 kg