Firewire - Rob Machado "Moonbeam"
Firewire - Rob Machado "Moonbeam"
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Firewire - Rob Machado "Moonbeam"

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In this episode Firewire sends me two stock 5’4” Rob Machado “Moonbeams” in their LFT construction for review. I got one board with FCS II fin plugs and the other board has Futures. Both boards have a five fin options and I enjoyed surfing them both as Quads and Thrusters with medium fins.

The Moonbeam has many different attributes that make it unique in design. The outline has curves in all the right places coupled with its wide point a little back from center making it quick to maneuver top to bottom in small waves. I also enjoyed surfing the Half Moon tail coupled with Rob’s signature “board eat board” bottom design inspired by George Greenough.

After surfing this board for roughly 3 weeks in 1-6’ surf testing multiple fin sizes, and set ups I have come to the conclusion this board is fast, responsive, and very fun. The Moonbeam is user friendly and excels in 1-4’ surf but if you find yourself in waves over head this board offers exceptional speed and hold do to its over all board design. I highly recommend this board for intermediate to advanced+ surfers.

For me to truly enjoy Rob’s “board eat board” design I did a little studying on George Greenough’s “Edge Board” from the late 1960’s. To see photos and learn more click on the link below.

My height: 5’9”
My weight: 160lbs or 72.57kg