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Fire Wire

Firewire - Rob Machado "Go Fish"

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The Go Fish by Rob Machado Twin Fin was quite the adventure for me. It took some getting used too at first but when I got the fins dialed in I started to have some fun.

I had some challenges getting used to this little 5’3” Twin Fin because it is so skatey. What I mean by skatey is with no center fin the board wants to slide out when I transition in my turns and that took some getting used too.

I tried 6 different fin set ups in this board and there were two that felt good. The Twin Fin Especial by Captain Fin and the T1 by Futures felt the best for my style of surfing. Machado recommends the K1 or K2 Keel fins by Futures and they felt really fast down the line but a bit delayed in my turns for my likings. I just don’t have enough Soul in my surfing and drawing classic lines is going to take some practice.

All in all this board was really fun for me going front side when I found the right fins that worked for me. My backside approach not so much as I could not get the board to stop sliding out on my top turns.

I had a good time trying such a unique design and in the end I feel like I learned how to use my rails better on my surfing. I think most surfers would find this board to be fun and exciting to try something new and learn how to draw different lines.