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Chemistry Surboards

Chemistry Surfboards - The 23

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In this episode, Noel Salas, steps onto “The 23” by Chemistry Surfboards. Former Professional Surfer, Shaper and Owner of Chemistry Surfboards, Jason Bennett, describes exactly what to expect from this performance hybrid. It’s intended to perform in head high and above surf through below waist-level surf. The outline is that of a standard short board with automatic take off and speed.

The diamond tail surfs shorter, so it fits into the pocket no problem. The belly channels give the board a little “boost” of energy. Noel agrees and says the parallel outline didn’t sacrifice his top-to-bottom surfing, and the rocker and diamond tail made punchy surf super easy and fun.

What makes this board super unique is its all-in-one cluster fin set up. Watch the entire video to see Noel’s favorite construction and the fins he chose and why… Enjoy! WORLD WIDE SHIPPING!!!


Noel's Height 5'9" & weight 172 lbs
Asa's Height 5'10" & weight 165 lbs
Board DIMS: 5'6" x 19 x 2 5/16 (26L)

Jason Bennett Height 5'8" & weight 185 lbs
Board DIMS: 5'8" x 19 3/4 x 2 1/2 (31L)