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Twin Fins "P-Twins+1"

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Pivot Twins + Stabilizer (P-Twins+1): The P-Twins+1 get into the lip quickly with its upright template. The wider base enables you to push harder through turns to maximize speed on rail without sacrificing pivot in the pocket. If you want quick directional changes for fast beach breaks or increased drive on rail at point breaks, the P-Twins+1 offer progression with stability. Pair them with your favorite Groveler, Small Wave Performance Board, or Daily Driver in 1-6’ surf. I also recommend using the P-Twins without the Stabilizer on certain Twin Fin Boards. (Vee Bottom Twin Fin Boards or Twin Fin Boards that have the fin boxes set further back like 8.75”- 7.75” off the tail.)

For Surfers: (63.5 – 99.79 Kg / 140 - 220 lbs)

•  Upright Template (offers quick pivot)
•  Wide Base for more Drive
•  Fast Directional Changes
•  Excellent hold at High Speeds
•  Promotes Progressive Surfing
•  Stabilizer Fin (keeps board stable, loose, and playful)
•  Beach Breaks and Point Breaks

*fin images are prototype images, final products may be slightly different.

"P-Twins" Side Fin Specs:
Base: 131.65 mm
Height: 138.39 mm
Area: 21.96 sq inches
Rake: 32.9 Degrees
Foil: Flat

Stabilizer Specs:
Base: 3.28" / 83.31mm
Height: 3.27" / 83.06mm
Area: 8.05 sq in
Rake: 28.8 Degrees
Foil: 50/50


Naked Viking “APEX Series” fins are made with a high strength fiberglass called G10 which is made by compressing layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin. We machine foil each fin to insure the highest performance of any fin available, regardless of the materials used. These are stronger, thinner, lighter and sexier. most similar feel to glass on fins.



The manufacturer and seller assume no liability or responsibility for injury caused by this product to any person or property of buyer, user, or other person. Use at your own risk.