SuperBrand - Magic Mix
SuperBrand - Magic Mix
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SuperBrand - Magic Mix

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The Superbrand "Magic Mix" is a legit everyday driver and I really enjoyed this board. It has the speed in the small waves and felt solid under my feet in waves well over head.

I think this board is very versatile and surfs exactly like Superbrand describes on their website.

The "Magic Mix" is a mix between The Toy (small wave Groveler) and the Vapors model (Daily Driver) which is the perfect balance between the two for a wave range of 2-6.

Here is what the Superbrand website has to say about the Magic Mix;
Aptly named, the Magic Mix is a blend of all the magic elements that go into some of our most popular boards. Super versatile, the Magic Mix excels in surf from knee high to overhead and burgers to barrels. Developed in Coolangatta, Australia and tested throughout the world, the Magic Mix is sure to be your day-to-day go to surfboard.

• A “magic mix” between the popular Vapors and Toy models

• Slight width in the nose makes for increased paddling power

• Single to double concave bottom with flat tail for performance in myriad conditions

• Medium rocker throughout with a late flip in the nose for tight pocket surfing

• Tri fin setup with rounded squash tail

• Medium, forgiving rails

• 4-ounce bottom, 5-ounce deck lightweight glassing available