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Lost Surfboards

Lost/MR Surfboards - California Twin

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In this episode I put the Lost/MR "CA Twin" through the paces in 1-5' surf. We started this review in 1-3' surf and the following day we went to BSR Surf Resort in Waco, TX. The CA Twin went good in the pool and the ocean and I was stoked on it down the line speed, projection through maneuvers, and flow from rail to rail.

I tested this model in two different constructions.... both boards are stock 5'4" x 19.5 x 2.28 Liters 26. One board in PU/Polyester resin and the other is EPS/Epoxy resin and they both felt good. I preferred the PU/Poly in the ocean as it carried a little more drive through turns due to a little extra weight.

I highly recommend the CA Twin for Intermediate to Pro Level surfers in 1-5' surf.

My height: 5'9"
My Weight: 160 lb or 72.57 kg

Fin Set Up Recommendations:
Futures Twin + Trailer: T2 Twin fins with TT1 Trailer
Futures Twin Fin (No Trailer): Al Merrick Keels

FCSII Twin + Trailer: Mark Richards Signature Fins
FCSII Twin only: Power Twins work OK front side and don't hold good backside.