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Haydenshapes - White Noiz

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In this episode I put the “White Noiz” by Haydenshapes through the paces in 2-6’ surf. According to the HS website the White Noiz is a pro model for Craig Anderson as a Daily Driver for waves fitting the 1-4’ range.

After thorough testing of two stock boards (5’8” and 5’9”) I liked this model best in 3-6’ surf due to its length and rocker. The White Noiz suits my style of surfing better as a High Performance shortboard (HPSB) for Southern CA waves. The bigger the surf the better this model performed. I found it to be very user friendly with a HPSB vibe.  

I pushed both boards in 1-2’ surf and concluded that both boards carried good speed but lacked agility in the tight pocket of a 1-2’ wave. The 5’8” performed better in 1-2’ surf due to it being 1” shorter but ideally, I would need to order this model custom to maximize performance in smaller surf.

I highly recommend the White Noiz for intermediate – advanced surfers as a Daily Driver/HPSB in 3-6’+ surf.

If I were going to use the White Noiz as a 1 board quiver for 1-6’ surf, I would custom order it at 5’7” x 19 x 2 5/16. The shorter length, with a little more width, and thickness would make this model ideal for smaller waves and still shred overhead surf.

Stock Board DIMS Tested for this review:
5’8” x 18.62 x 2.25 Liters 24.95
5’9” x 18.75 x 2.25 Liters 25.5

My Height: 5’9”
My Weight: 160 lb or 72.57 kg

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