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Channel Islands

Channel Islands - Twin Fin

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The Twin Fin has a retro 70’s feel, with updated performance qualities.
It was originally designed and hand shaped by Britt Merrick when asked to compete in a surf contest where shapers ride retro boards they have created themselves. Inspired by a twin fin that his father Al had shaped for himself in the late 70’s, and that a friend had recently found at a garage sale, Britt took a template off it, drew it on a blank and updated the rocker to have a more modern feel with added positive drive and carving ability. Thus, the new CI Twin Fin was born. The Twin Fin has been tested by Britt, Dane and CI Factory pilots in everything from weak beach breaks to good Rincon and has proved to be a fast and fun wave catching machine.  To offset negative characteristics of a usual high-volume retro design, the Twin Fin’s rails are tapered and relatively thin feeling for added sensitivity and responsiveness.

The Twin Fin comes with two CI Futures fins, perfectly tuned for the design, and an all-new CI trailer that we hand shaped and foiled at the factory just for this board.

Published on May 14, 2016

This episode is about Channel Islands new surfboard model the “Twin Fin” with Noel Salas. This Twin Fin is custom tailored to Noel’s likings and he rides it in all different size waves and tests it thoroughly with three different fin types.

Sit back and enjoy the review as Noel goes into detail about the attributes of this board and what makes it so special. He covers the rocker, concaves, outline, rails, and the tail of this fun little board.

Noel states that he has been surfing since he was 9 years old he has never ridden a twin fin before. It took a bit of getting used to at first because the board is so loose and fast. It took roughly 8 days of shooting to accumulate the footage for this review and Noel is addicted to it’s speed and flow. It draws different lines with bursts of speed and loves to be on rail, says Salas.

This board is very fun in waves from 1 to 5 feet and is a keeper for Noel’s quiver for this summer. Noel also compares the Twin Fin to another one of his favorite small wave boards by CI called the Pod Mod. The comparison between the two is night and day and the viewer will have a chance to see them both and make their own decision for summer.