Virtual Video Coaching

Have you ever seen yourself surf on video before?
Ever wonder if you’re riding the right board?
How about your fins… do they even matter?
Can a couple minor changes in your technique get you to the next level in your surfing?  

If you are interested in Noel’s one-on-one feedback, consider Virtual Video Coaching.

Book an appointment and send your video clips (a few Waves or Surf/Skate Carving videos with a couple turns to analyze, etc). Noel will video coach your Surfing or Surf/Skate technique, giving you professional tips to bring your surfing to the next level.

Total Cost: $400.00 USD

Virtual Video Coaching Includes:

  • Surf or Surf/Skate Critique Video Coaching to preview prior to your call
  • One 30-minute Skype video call with Noel (includes Q & A)
  • Board and Fin Consulting
  • Custom Board Fitting (if ordering new boards)

Surfer must be Intermediate to
Advanced skill level.  

Submit available dates & times in the form below 
or email

Once date booked $200.00 USD deposit is required.