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Surf 'n Show

Surf Tip "Power Surfing" Intro Ep 1

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Model Name (Gussie Spoon 31")

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Surf 'n Show 

In this episode, Noel Salas talks about how to engage your rail to increase power in your turns. Many surfers are getting a lot better with various tutorials. You may have proper body mechanics and technique, but how do you get the board to squirt with speed going down the line? This is one of Noel's most frequently asked questions. Engaging the surfboard rail will increase resistance and allow you to push, which will ultimately lead to gaining speed and power surfing. Noel also explains what surfboard and fins attributes he likes that will help create speed. Extending through your bottom turn with the rail engaged will also increase speed. Accurate foot position, proper weight distribution, and practical application are also a factor. Noel leads you through some surfskate exercises on his Slide surfskate to help you on your road to increasing speed. Look forward to even more episodes on this important topic. Enjoy!!

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