JS - Monsta Box HYFI
JS - Monsta Box HYFI
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JS - Monsta Box HYFI


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This video is about JS Surfboards Monsta Box in the hyfi construction. JS calls the Monsta Box their Daily Driver for those 2-4+ days which would be in between your high performance surfboard Monsta 6 and small wave Groveler Blak Box 2.

The hyfi construction has a patent pending for its unique construction process. It has a Epoxy Stringer less core that has incredible flexibility coupled with JS's new carbon Diamond construction. The White Diamond shape mesh on the bottom of this board a Polypropylene (synthetic plastic mesh) and this combined with Carbon strips give this board the right flex and tension

This board felt really good under my feet. I liked how it loaded on my bottom turns as it projected me into my desired turn with incredible speed. The construction felt similar to that of a PU/Poly in small waves but it is lighter and stronger. The board was really fast down the line and very responsive in and out of my turns.