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The JS "Nitro" is the perfect small wave Groveler for waves in the 1-3 foot range.

In this review Noel goes into the details of the attributes on this fun little 5'6". A good Groveler has low entry rocker and exit rocker says Salas along with it's wide point front from center to help with paddling and down the line speed.

The outline, tail, and rails suit Noel's style for surfing small waves with a high performance flare. This little Nitro board has incredible speed because of the generous single to double concaves. 

Salas also tried multiple fin options and said the Nitro is very versatile and felt good as a thruster, quad, and surprisingly a Twin Fin with a small trailer fin. 

One thing that stands out most about the Nitro is the surfer has the option to surf it fast down the line or tight in the pocket and I cannot say that about all the different Grovelers out there.

Here is what the JS website has to say about the Nitro:
The new Nitro is by far the flattest entry rocker in an X Series model to date! 

Combined with a much fuller nose than other boards in the same category, we have designed a board that allows you to generate and hold speed through flat spots with ease. Along with its deeper concaves for even more lift and liveliness, plus a slightly pulled-in tail outline for extra drive, this pocket rocket is geared towards attacking small sections exactly how you’d mind surf them! 

While the rails remain full to help overcome any catches in choppy or lackluster waves, excess foam has been foiled out from other areas to retain overall performance and sensitivity in the tail. In many regions around the world, the Nitro will become a go-to board in terrible to average conditions for any surfer wanting a fast board to keep you in the fastest part of the wave!